A lot of players focus too much on the technique of the shot, yet they get surprised that they don’t master it. This video will talk about the importance of footwork in Padel.


Padel is a game played in doubles. A lot of players work on their techniques and tactics “individually” which surprise them when they are on court, trying to achieve their tactics and plans yet it gets misunderstood by their partner.


In this video you will learn the best ways to communicate with your partner on court.


“Which side should I play?” is a question that we receive constantly. Watch this video to know whether it’s best for you to be a DRIVE or LEFT player.


Since we are all in quarantine, we are happy to be collabin with one of the most globally educative padel schools founded by our passionate friend Sandy!

As a start we will be showing you a Padel Starter. For beginner players, you must know where to stand, how to move and best court positions. by @thepadelschool


All our facilities, Academies and Tournaments will be temporary suspended until further notice

Due to Corona pandemic 

Effective Monday  16/03/2020


The PadelPod Family would like to congratulate @navarro_paquito & @jlebronc for officially becoming NUMBER @worldpadeltour_oficial It was an honor having you at our Pods, see you soon! @carbonholdings


Train with the Spanish experts & Egypt's best coaches, now at @Zedelsheikhzayed  for more information about the academy, contact: +20 112 552 8555
For bookings, contact: +20 120 180 2622


*75,000 L.E Prize Money*


_We're proud to announce that *PadelPod* will be collaborating with *ZED PROJECT IN ZAYED* and host the grand opening prize money for *75,000 L.E* for men levels A & B._

1. Tournament Date:
Dec 19th, 20th, & 21st

2. Events
Men Level A
Men Level B

3. Location: ZED Park - Sheikh Zayed

4. Sign Up Procedure: Send a Whatsapp message to ?+201101515311 with your name and your partner's name along with the desired event (Level A *or* B)

5. Deadline(s) Payment & Registration: 15 Dec

6. Registration Fees 300 L.E per player *Please note that NO registrations will be accepted without prior payment by the deadline stated above* — Payment can be at any of our locations in Cairo. CLUB 7 MAADI, NEW GIZA, PALM HILLS OR LAKEHOUSE.

7. Prize:

*75,000 L.E*

_Prizes will be for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places for both categories A & B_

_Level B players can also sign for Level A matches and play the 2 categories_

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